So Glad You Stopped By!!!

Let me start by introducing myself.   My name is Trina Sims.  I am originally from the big city, you know the one... Chicago.  I  would love the opportunity to be your Wedding Manicurist and Orchestrator.  I have currently made Arizona my NEW home for the past year,  and I am ready to get things planned  once again.

Now I can tell you how I got started  about 15 years ago, by planning my own wedding and from there, family and friends weddings, and other  social and office events..., but everyone pretty much has a similar introduction of details.

Well here it is, I'll keep it short...

Yes all that is true and great to hear, but  most importantly, I  want to help you make your decision on HIRING a Wedding Planner without hesitation.  I am a wife and mother of (2) and LOVE  all things wedding and events.  I workout, eat healthy and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE  seeing clients enjoy their events!!!

My love and passion for weddings and events is simple...ORIGANIZATION,  IT'S EVERYTHING to an event!!!  As your  Personal Planner, I will ensure all your details materialize as planned, while the flow of the day goes exactly the way you have envisioned and purposely planned it.

​My planning packages are designed very simple for those final details of every bride and groom.  I will assist you with orchestrating all those day details, from your ever so memorable ceremony, to ensuring your guest are seated properly, right down to those untimely  wedding day pop-ups ...

Who doesn't need that ???

Listen, I could go on and on... but I won't.  You see, deep down inside you have decided that you need and want that extra  special attention to detail... and let's REMEMBER, you do want to enjoy yourself and your guest to the very end...  So, let me be concerned about the What Ifs....

​Happy Wedding Planning ~ Hope to hear for you soon.


It's my pleasure to be a part of your wedding day ~ Trina